WET-V2-90 Power Module

V2-90 Engine: High performance, light weight, small, excellent mileage.

Bore 64.5mm Stroke 75 mm Stroke 84.5mm Stroke
88mm Bore 749cc 871cc 981cc
92mm Bore 857cc 997cc 1123cc
95mm Bore 914cc 1063cc 1197cc


The family of V2/90 V twins has the following features:

  1. Designed to provide high fuel efficiency when powering a small two passenger vehicle.
  2. Great flexibility in configuration.
  3. One head fits both cylinders, the head is configured to be fitted as a single overhead cam with hydraulic lifters, or for higher performance applications, double overhead cams with solid lifters.
  4. All camshafts are chain driven, this is accomplished by transfer shafts running through the cases, these shafts will also accommodate cassette balance modules.
  5. The 90 degree V is a balanced design, but the crankshaft can be configured for different firing sequences, if this feature is utilized the balance modules are needed.
  6. The head is a very efficient design that flows in excess of 300 cfm on a flow bench, a very high number indicating the considerable potential performance of the engine, thus providing very high fuel economy.

V2 Preliminary Performance


The engine can be used in numerous applications, such as: